Monday, June 29, 2009

18 Aug 2007 - Dave and Sue at Murla Restraurant

There had been a lot of publicity about this new restraurant which had opened by the river in Murla, so a few days earlier we had walked there with the dogs to have a look. The owner was quite happy to show us around, and we were very impressed. It is also a casa rural, and no expense had been spared on the rooms.

We returned for a lunch and were equally impressed with the standard of the meal. We understand that it is quite expensive in the evening, but the lunch menu del dia was very reasonable. And they will do very well in such a lovely location.

1 Aug 2007 - Paul and Jean Donkey Sanctury

Hard to find a better place to take visitors for a meal with a view than the Donkey Sanctuary. Its one of those places where you need to be prepared to spend a long time over your meal, and that is much easier with good company. We all had a lovely time.

August 2007 - Jack Aged 9 Months

Not sure the exact date that these photographs were taken, but it was in August. Stuart sent them to us about the middle of the month. The first one is taken at the "soft play centre". Jack is one of the youngest, and he gets a little frightened when some of the older, and rougher, children get carried away. But Stuart seems quite happy to go in and play too.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

31 Jul 2007 - Buster's Wargame

Like most kittens, Buster likes to be the centre of attention. He has pretty well taken over the house and hates it when he is ignored. He particularly likes to play on the wargames table, and if left alone he can walk all over the cluttered table without knocking over a single figures or bit of scenery. But try to move him and he becomes all feet and tail and figures fly all over the place. He has a particular soft spot for dice, he loves to flick them off the table, and they clatter on the tiles. They always end up under the middle of the table, where they are very difficult to recover.

30 Jul 2007 - Paul and Jean Visit

We knew Paul very well in Salisbury, we had wargamed together each week for quite a few years. But we had not heard from him for a couple of years. So we were delighted to hear that they were considering buying a house in Spain, near Murcia. They were interested to hear how we had managed and settled it, and we invited them to visit for a chat.

We spent the day talking Spain, plus a visit to Fontilles and then up to Col de Rates. They are very interested, and determined to buy. Its a shame that it is not a little nearer, because Murcia is about two hours away.

July 2007 - Jack aged 8 months

4 Jul 2007 - House and Garden

Its taken a long time, but both the house and the garden are starting to take shake. We spent quite a lot of time choosing furniture and fittings for the house, and choosing curtains. It is pretty well all done now. The garden has been very hard work, and Jan has done it all except for some of the initial digging. All of that hard work is now paying off and she is really pleased with the front - though it is still a work in progress.

1 Jul 2007 - Dave and Sue in Calpe

We met Dave and Sue for lunch in Calpe, and had a walk along the sea front afterwards to walk the menu del dia off.