Saturday, May 30, 2009

26 Feb 2007 - Javea Walk

This is the first time we did this walk with the Monday Club. It started at the harbour in Javea, climbed to the light house, then across the gorse to Denia tower, back to the windmills overlooking Javea and down to the harbour.

Lovely views of Javea as we climbed to the light house

We were all ready for a short break when we reached the light house

This was a private road, but we did not realise that until we got to the end and found this sign!

Pat and Anne with the local letter boxes

The wind mills overlooking Javea

it would be hard to find a picnic site with better views

Back in Javea we visited the fishermans church

Our well deserved cold drink in Javea harbour

24 Feb 2007 - Benemeli Aerials Walk

We did this walk in November with the Monday Club, and enjoyed it so much that we decided to do it on our own as a reccce. Benemeli is in the Orba valley, about 6 miles from Parcent. The walk starts in the village, climbs the hill towards the aerials and then along the crest to a lovely picnic site. Then downhill around the back of the mountain and return to the village.

Friday, May 29, 2009

14 Feb 2007 - Almond Blossom Walk

The Jalon Valley is always beautiful, but never more so than for a couple of weeks each February when it is covered in Almond Blossoms. Most local walking groups organise walks in the valley at this time, including CBMW and Jalon Help (a local charity).

However because this is our local walk, we prefer to do it alone. At this time of year the weather is often overcast or even wet, so we wait for a fine day and off we go. This is a record of our walk this year. We walked into Jalon along the valley path, and returned along the side of Col de Rates. Its about 6 miles return, and we always have a coffee in the square in Jalon. Lovely walk, and one we never tire of.

12 Feb 2007 - Olta Circuit

This should have been a short walk, but we got lost along the way so it turned out to be a little longer than expected. The walk started from the camp site car park, but went anti clockwise. Pat was leading, and was not sure of the exact route. We managed to find our way to the church with its picnic site eventually, and enjoyed the impressive views.

February 2007 - Jack aged 3 months

Thursday, May 28, 2009

8 Jan 2007 - Bernia Circuit

The mountain which dominates all of the local area is Bernia. We had heard about the Bernia walk, which involved going through a small tunnel, but had never attempted it. So we were very pleased when Margret and Heinz agreed to lead the walk for the Monday Club.

The first part of the walk is along a good path, with lovely views, to this large font

Its then uphill on a steep path

Which gets steeper and steeper

Then through a narrow tunnel on hands and knees

And on the other side a viewing platform

With magnificient views to Benidorm and beyond