Tuesday, July 7, 2009

31 Dec 2007 - Day trip to Kilder Dam

Rothbury is a very popular walking area, and we managed a couple during our holiday. But neither were suitable for Jack, so we went on our own. But we particularly wanted to see Kilder Dam which is about an hour away. It was bitterly cold, and very muddy. It also started to sleet just after we arrived. But we still managed a short walk around the lake. It would be a lovely area to visit in the summer.

29 Dec 2007 - Baby Sitting

There was plenty of work for Stuart and Michelle, to get everything unpacked and the house sorted out before they had to go back to work in the New Year. And of course Jan and I were only too happy to be able to baby sit with Jack.

28 Dec 2007 - Jacks New Bike

This was Jacks favourite Christmas present, and Stuarts also. And we all trooped out to the car park to watch him until he got tired. Love his crash helmet!

25 Dec 2007 - Christmas at Rothbury

We arrived back in UK on 19 December, the day before Stuart moved to Rothbury. We all helped with the move, and the unpacking afterwards. Then we looked after Jack for a few days, while Stuart and Michelle did the detailed unpacking.

All was ship shape for Christmas Day, and Michelle did us proud with a lovely Christmas dinner. Its a lovely house, and I am sure that they will be very happy there.

12 Dec 2007 - Sues Birthday Walk

Dave and Sue wanted to do another walk, so we suggested this one as we wanted to recce it anyway. On the way this lovely dog adopted us. He followed us all the way, but was no trouble, and when we got back to the cars he just went off home.

We brought our normal coffee and sandwishes for lunch, but Dave had brought a bottle of brandy and everything necessary to make a brule for Sues birthday. Lovely thought, and it made a memorable walk.

10 Dec 2007 - Green Horse

We never tire of this old favourite. And it seems to be fast becoming a favourite with the Monday Club as well. We were asked to lead it again, and were very pleased to do so. We were very lucky witht he weather, quite cool but a clear blue sky. It is one of our shorter walks, and we take it slow to enjoy the views. Its ideal for a Monday because the restraurant where we stop for lunch is closed on Monday and we can use their outside tables and chairs.

6 Dec 2009 - Dave and Sue Fontilles

Jan and I wanted to do this walk on our own as a recce, to make sure we could find it ok. Dave and Sue asked if they could join us, as they want to learn some local walks themselves. We found the route ok, only got slightly lost once. And I was relieved to find tht the rear gate to Fontilles was not locked.