Friday, May 29, 2009

14 Feb 2007 - Almond Blossom Walk

The Jalon Valley is always beautiful, but never more so than for a couple of weeks each February when it is covered in Almond Blossoms. Most local walking groups organise walks in the valley at this time, including CBMW and Jalon Help (a local charity).

However because this is our local walk, we prefer to do it alone. At this time of year the weather is often overcast or even wet, so we wait for a fine day and off we go. This is a record of our walk this year. We walked into Jalon along the valley path, and returned along the side of Col de Rates. Its about 6 miles return, and we always have a coffee in the square in Jalon. Lovely walk, and one we never tire of.

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