Friday, June 12, 2009

13 Mar 2007 - Col de Rates ridge walk

This is not our usual Col de Rates walk, this is a repeat of the one we did with the Parcent walking group. I have wanted to do it ever since, but Jan was not too keen as it was a very long and very difficult walk.

We walked to the swimming pool, then uphill to the font. Then a steep climb, first to the ledge where we had a break, then up to the summit. Fantastic views to Denia on one side and Benidorm on the other.

The path is not too clear, and we lost it more than once. However it was obvious which way we had to go, and eventually we reached the TV aerials. Then it was down the long, long road to the restraurant, where we had a cup of coffee and cake. Finally the usual decent to Parcent. Excellent walk.

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