Tuesday, June 16, 2009

17 May 2007 - Granada Walking Tour

There was an "optional" walking tour of the Moorish Quarter on offer. That is to say we had to pay extra for it. It would be held on the morning before our coach took us back to Jalon. We had seen a little of the quarter the previous afternoon, and the prospect of a nice morning walk was a good one. So we booked up.

The tour started with a very long coach drive around Granada. Not sure why, because the Moorish Quarter was just visible from our hotel, though on the opposite side of Granada. Anyway it took a long time in the morning rush hour.

The tour itself was very interesting, with lots of background information on the houses and the area in general. However it was cut short after less than an hour when the guide offered us the chance to stop for a cup of coffee. It was right beside a great view point (which we could see from our hotel) to see both the city and the Alhambra. Whilst the others had coffee in a nearby square with no view, I sat at the view point and waited for them. It was a long wait. When we finally resumed our tour it was back to the coach for another long drive around the city. Having paid for a full morning tour we were a little unhappy to have to settle for an hour walk followed by a very long coffee break.

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