Wednesday, June 17, 2009

20 Jun 2007 - Meal at the Donkey Sanctuary

Seven of us went to the Donkey Sanctuary for a lunchtime meal. Martin, Brenda, Barry, Lyndia, Carol, Jan and I. Not sure about the other four, but Jan and I were celebrating my upcoming birthday.

The Donkey Sanctuary is not only a retirement home for unwanted donkeys, but also a restraurant with the best view in the whole area. It is close to the Jalon to Bernia road, and the outside tables have a most impressive view of the surrounding mountains.

It is one of those places where you need to allow a whole afternoon for the meal, as it is best enjoyed at a leisurely pace. We certainly did just that, and it was late afternoon when we left. Brenda drove Martin, Jan and I So there was no reason not to indulge in the wine and brandy which was included in the price of the meal.

We returned to Martin and Brenda's house for a coffee, and all ended up in the swimming pool for a ball game. Even me, and not only can I not swim but I can't see without my glasses either. Mind everyone was very "mellow" so I was not the only one who could not see the ball.

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