Thursday, June 4, 2009

28 Feb 2007 - Col de Rates

We decided to join the CBMW walk to the Col de Rates because it started from Alcalali, and not as usual from Jalon. We followed a new path to the restraurant on the Col, and then down to an excellent lunch spot which we had not visited before. Slightly below the summit, it was on a large flat area with excellent views of Parcent, the Jalon Valley on The Green Horse.

The walk was memorable because the rather pompous leader told Jan and Margot off for walking ahead of him when he called a halt on the ascent. He had stopped in the hot sun shine, and they had gone a few yards ahead to find some shade. Fortunately Margot responded with a few well chosen words which showed him for what he was.

Jan and Margot

Jan and Colin
Jan and Val at the Restraurant

Hard to find a better picnic spot for lunch

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