Tuesday, June 16, 2009

14 May 2007 - Granada Cave House

Our visit to Granada was on a coach trip organised by Jalon U3A. We were delighted to find that our friends Les and Jen were also on the trip. It was not a good start, as the coach was more than hour late collecting us from Jalon. The original coach has broken down and we had to wait for a replacement.

All was forgotten once we got under way, especially as we got a small refund due to the numbers taking part. To break the jouney we had a lunch break at a service station and a visit to a cave house.

It was a "show house" and even had a demonstration of how they cut out the rooms, it seems to be a matter of scraping the mud away and applying some solution which hardens the surface. Not something we would have chosen on our own, but very interesting for all that.

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